Wanna One’s Song Was Leaked 4 Days Before Their Expected Comeback

Wanna One’s upcoming title track “Boomerang” was leaked just days before its official release.

Just days before their comeback, Wanna One‘s title song “Boomerang” has been leaked to the public.


A 3 minute file of the song was uploaded illegally to social media. One of their b-side tracks, “Gold”, was also leaked and spread throughout the internet.


At first, the track was spread in an open group chat on a particular social media site, and it first began to make it’s rounds around the internet.

As there are still four days left until the album release, Wanna One is expected to be affected negatively by the leak.


YMC Entertainment has released a statement that they will be taking legal actions against those who leaked the song.

“As soon as the song file was leaked, we assessed the situation and we will be reporting this to the authorities. It is a great shame that the song was leaked, and we will be taking firm actions to find the source of the leak.”  — YMC Entertainment


Stay legal and check out the “Boomerang” teaser below:

Source: Sports Chosun

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