Wanna One Will Be Meeting Fans Together For Their 2nd Debut Anniversary

They will be gathering together.

It has been reported that Wanna One will be meeting fans together for their 2nd anniversary.

According to Spottv News, Wanna One chose to meet to celebrate their anniversary but the exact time and place is currently undecided.

In January, Wanna One disbanded after 512 days together but in March, Lai Kuanlin revealed on Happy Together 4 that the Wanna One members promised to meet each other on August 7 of every year to celebrate their anniversary.

Though Wanna One has disbanded, their fanbase is still solid. On August 7, their debut song “Energetic” re-entered numerous music top 100 charts.

Wanna One promised to meet and return to greet the fans. Member Yoon Jisung may be absent due to his activity in the military, but they plan to get as many members as possible. As there are are many fans who hope to see Wanna One together, the members are expected to share further news with fans directly through photos and/or videos.

The members of Wanna One are currently active in their own personal activities. Kang Daniel has recently released a solo album, while Park Jihoon and Ong Sung Woo are currently filming films. Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin made their debut with AB6IX, and Bae Jinyoung debuted with CIX. Ha Sungwoon returned to HOTSHOT and is also active as a soloist. Hwang Minhyun also returned to his original group, NU’EST. Kim Jaehwan is active as a soloist. Lai Kuanlin is active in both China and South Korea. Finally, Yoon Jisung is currently enlisted in the army.

Source: Naver

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