Wanna One Woojin Confesses His Family Fights Because of BTS

Woojin’s mother and sister have gotten into fights because of BTS!

Wanna One‘s Woojin confessed that the relationship between his family members has become worse since his debut.


The reason? His sister is a fan of BTS.


He explained that his mother and sister fight over the TV. His mother insists on watching her son and the Wanna One members, while his sister wants to watch BTS on another channel!

Captions: “Turn on the channel with my son (mother) vs. Don’t you dare change the channel (sister)”


The hosts said it’s not a surprise because sisters tend to like other oppas better than their own.

“I mean…she sees her real oppa every day at home so…” — Yoon Jong Shin


Although he didn’t seem to mind his sister’s love for BTS, he did seem happy that his sister admitted that he made her school life much easier.

‘[My sister] told me, ‘I admit, my school life is comfortable thanks to you!'” — Woojin


Who wouldn’t envy having a Wanna One member as their real oppa?

Source: Dispatch

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