World Klass Accidentally Goes Live On Wanna One’s Channel, Disappoints Fans

A small mistake led to big disappointment for Wanna One fans.

Wannables just went on an emotional rollercoaster that has left some confused, angry, and heartbroken.


Wanna One was an 11-member, project boy group formed through Produce 101 in 2017. During their 2 years together, the group experienced immense popularity, and fans were sad to see them disband. Wanna One’s group activities concluded on January 27 at Gocheok Sky Dome, the same venue that hosted their debut showcase.


On September 24, Wannables got the shock of their lives when a “surprise live” notification for Wanna One’s official channel popped up on their devices. Over 120,000 excited fans clicked to see Wanna One again, but they found World Klass trainees instead.


To Be World Klass is a survival show in which 20 global trainees are currently competing to become the final 10 members. These finalists will debut as TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra).


Somehow, the trainees accidentally went live on Wanna One’s channel instead of their own. They ended the broadcast as soon as they realized their mistake.


Many fans are wondering how the trainees accessed Wanna One’s channel in the first place.


Others are expressing their anger and disappointment. Some comments are directed at the trainees, but others say Mnet is to blame.


World Klass has since apologized and clarified the situation, stating that their marketing representative made a mistake. They promised to be more careful from now on.

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