Wanna One Yoon Jisung’s Fan Under Fire For Rude Behavior Towards LOONA Member

She has since issued numerous apologies for her behavior.

A fan of Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung has been criticized by netizens and Wannables for rude behavior towards a LOONA member at the 2018 MAMA in Korea.


At the end of the event, a fan had thrown a flower towards LOONA’s Hyunjin, who excitedly picked up the gift thinking it was hers. As soon as she picked it up, however, the fan who threw it repeatedly screamed, “(It’s for) Yoon Jisung!” Feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what to do, she later handed the flower over to Jinsoul.


The fan who threw the flower has been heavily criticized for being rude and embarrassing the rookie girl group.


Furthermore, once the issue began to spread, Wannables have caused more friction by shifting the blame from Wannables specifically to Yoon Jisung fans, claiming that they have not “accepted Yoon Jisung as a member”.

“Please write #YoonJisungFan_Apologize, not #Wannable_Apologize. We Wannables are the most upset. We haven’t accepted a member like Yoon Jisung.”

“Yoon Jisung is not a member of Wanna One. Please do not use #Wannable_Apologize.”


The fan who threw the flower has since issued several apologies including multiple handwritten apologies to LOONA, Orbits and fellow Yoon Jisung fans for her behavior and pleaded not to criticize her artist for her behavior.

Source: Twitter