Yoon Jisung Invited Kim Jaehwan As A Guest To His First Fan Meeting, But His Fans Yelled At Him To Leave

His fans yelled and cursed right in front of him.

Yoon Jisung of Wanna One recently held his first solo fan meeting since the group’s disbandment.


To celebrate his new start, he invited his former member Kim Jaehwan to guest at his fan meeting.


But the warm reunion took a wrong turn when disrespectful fans began yelling at Kim Jaehwan to leave. In the video taken by a fan, a small group of fans began yelling, “Leave!“, when Kim Jaehwan appeared on stage.


In other videos, the fans can be clearly heard as they even go far as curse at Kim Jaehwan.

“What are they doing? Why the f*ck is that b*stard here?”

— Malicious Fan Heard In The Video


Fans continued to curse at Kim Jaehwan, telling him to leave, but the two members continued on with their interview brightly as professionals.


Other fans began trending the hashtag “#윤지성팬_사과해 (#YoonJiSungFan_Apologize)”, demanding that the disrespectful fans apologize for their behavior.

Source: Insight and @gdjeju10dasu

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