Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Bought His Mother the Best Gift A Son Could Buy

And fans were proud!

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel recently appeared on a live broadcast to communicate with fans from around the world.


Kang Daniel had just arrived in Singapore for their world tour concert and began the live broadcast in his hotel room.


The popular star used the time to answer various questions that fans asked, one of them being, “What was the meanest thing you did to your mom?”


Daniel confessed that he once got caught skipping academy and going to the PC room when he was in elementary school but ended up getting more mad at his mom instead.

“When I was in elementary school, I skipped a class at a cram school, played games, and got caught. And I yelled at my mom.” ㅡ Kang Daniel


He then added, however, that he’s been treating his mother much better these days and revealed that he even bought her a house!

“But (recently), I bought my mother a house. I am really good to my mother.” ㅡ Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel has officially become one of the exemplary children who bought their parents the best gift they could possibly give and fans were proud.

  • “Our Daniel is such a dutiful son. It’s so beautiful how he always thinks of his mother. Today’s live broadcast was heart-fluttering as always!”
  • “Daniel has a pretty face but has an even prettier mindset and heart. He’s not only humorous and sensible, he’s also so caring…our Kang Daniel has it all!”
  • “Who is his mother? She sure gave birth to a good son. This is why I can’t help but support him!”
  • “Let’s buy our mother a building next time. Go go~!! Always support you!”
  • “Being so good to his parents at that age and getting his work done is really admirable. Daniel is sensible, capable, passionate and he’s becoming more and more of a true artist!”


Other idols such as Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Suzy, Jo Kwon, Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon and JYJ’s Junsu are also known to have given their parents this ultimate gift!


G-Dragon even bought his parents a $900,000 USD pension on a beautiful lake and provided them with a bankbook so that they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.


Moreover, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun bought his parents a car and a building worth $6.5 million USD with the money he saved for 10 years, in addition to a house!

That being said, everyone might want to hope their children become top idols one day!


Source: Naver and Insight

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