WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel and Sungwoo have a heart warming reunion with Produce 101 member

WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel and Sungwoo surprised Jeong Sewoon at the filming location of KBS’s Master Key.

Sewoon was filming a selfie for the program when the duo from WANNA ONE suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The reunion of the Produce 101 alumni was their first in six months.

When Sungwoo mentioned that it was the first time that they’d seen each other since Produce 101, Daniel jokingly replied that he had seen Sewoon on TV many times since.


Sewoon asked his sunbaes for advice about appearing on a variety show, but Daniel humbly refused, saying that they are still new to the industry as well.

Nevertheless, they encouraged and cheered for Sewoon, telling him that he would be great on the show.


Watch their full reunion below:

Source: Dispatch