If You Want To Be BTS’s Manager, This Is What You Need To Know Right Now

They’re looking for very specific things.

BTS are looking for a manager in BTS WORLD. But, they’re not looking for just any manager. They’re looking for one that possesses a specific trait and every single member has a say about what that is.

Jungkook chose flexibility. BTS experiences unplanned situations just like everyone else, and it’s best for the manager to be able to adapt accordingly.

RM chose responsibility as the most important trait because it’s the manager’s job to always take care of BTS. They must have the ability to focus on and take care of what’s required of them.

V‘s choice took a violent turn. He wants a manager who’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to wake him up in the morning, even if physical force is necessary.

For a manager to fulfill Suga‘s requirements, they would need to share similar morals so that they could communicate with each other easily.

J-Hope values love in a manager. He wants one that isn’t afraid to express their feelings and is sincere in their actions.

Jimin wants a manager that will understand exactly what he needs without him having to say it aloud.

Jin‘s requirement was the simplest. He likes chocolate milk and wants a manager who will have it prepared in his dressing room.

All of the members have different requirements for their manager, and it shows their own individual colors. Watch the full video here to find out if you’re suited to be BTS’s manager.