War breaks out among EXO-Ls over Lay’s absence from Korean schedules

A recent Pann post has fueled a heated debate among EXO-Ls regarding Lay’s absence from Korean schedules.

On April 18th, a post was made on Pann titled, Capture of Lay’s interview for whom Japan is more important than Korea.”

The post read, “Let me state facts here. He did not participate in the official second album music show and signing event. He DID however, participate in the Japanese fan-meet.”

“How did you talk to the company about getting your own studio in China?”
“First of all, I mentioned the idea to them.”
“I would like to see more fans in China, be more active in China, and learn more. Of course, see my family more often too.”
“I wanted to become more localized as well”
“Korea gave me the chance to debut and grow.”
“But I have not forgotten my roots are Chinese.”
“So as a Chinese person, I want to be acknowledged in China.”

The poster continued, “Okay he’s Chinese so he wants to be acknowledged in China let’s pretend I understand that.”

The poster also brought up an interview of Lay celebrating Luhan’s birthday:

Narration: When Luhan was in Korea, he took care of Lay as an older brother. Luhan’s birthday is approaching and Lay wants to congratulate him. They are known as eternal brothers.

Lay: Luhan brother, I know it’s his birthday soon. I hope all goes well with him and he has a great birthday. When he was a trainee in Korea he was very loyal, very good.  Of course, he’s my brother forever, last year on my birthday he sent me a message.

In sharing this, the poster went on to say, “He even congratulated Luhan on his birthday…need I say more? Wake up EXO-Ls.”

Netizens left mostly negative comments on the Pann post, some of which can be seen below:

[+ 227, – 33] Well that fxxxing pisses me off.

[+ 195, – 5] I kinda got uncomfortable not seeing him on music shows… this album is an OFFICIAL album and he said he couldn’t because of a movie shoot? He’s a singer first not an actor. If he’s a singer first he should prioritize his music schedules especially when the schedule isn’t something trivial. Starting with fanmeets, he even misses music shows. I think it’ll be faster to count the number of times he was present. I try to shield him but he rarely does Korean schedules, but when it’s not in Korea he’s always there. I hope he just doesn’t mess things up for the other members.

[+ 71, -3 ] If Lay had been at the Korean fanmeet things wouldn’t have gone this bad ^^ You know this so why ask??? Japan is Japan and Korea is Korea. It’s not like they aren’t active in Korea so why is he only going to Japan? Lay fans are so disgusting shut your mouth if you have no explanation.

Source: Pann