ARMYs Suspect BTS Jungkook’s New Song Is Inspired By Someone Significant From His Past

Do you remember “American Hustle Life?”

Does BTS Jungkook‘s new song sound familiar?

Jungkook | Calvin Klein

Jungkook recently released his debut solo album, GOLDEN, featuring “Standing Next to You.”

Netizens found inspiration from past BTS tracks and Michael Jackson in this song specifically.

Yet, a few also noticed similarities to the 1994 song “Regulate,” performed by American rapper, DJ, and producer Warren G feat. Nate Dogg, from the album Regulate…G Funk Era.

Interestingly, BTS actually worked with Warren G during their reality show American Hustle Life, even covering “Regulate.”

So, ARMYs love that “Standing Next to You” might also be a nod to BTS’s roots, remembering this.


“Standing Next to You” feels even more special knowing Jungkook and BTS worked with Warren G back in 2014 during American Hustle Life! #bts #jk #jungkook #btsarmy #btsxarmy

♬ Standing Next to You – Jung Kook


Standing Next to You by Jungkook sounds a lot like Regulate by Warren G ft Nate Dogg & the funny thing is Warren G actually made an appearance on American Hustle Life 😂 #bts #kpop #jungkook #standingnexttoyou #jungkookgolden

♬ original sound – Destiny’s Diary ❤️‍🔥

Knowing how BTS connects so much of their discography and history, especially with this year marking their 10th anniversary, it seems probable.