Watch The Fancam That Just Broke EXID Hani’s Famous “Up & Down” Fancam Record

And he’s done it in record time!

EXID‘s Hani has been the queen of fancams since 2014 when her “Up & Down” focused video exploded with popularity. Her fancam has consistently had the most views…until now that is.


Hani’s fancam was pretty much an immediate success and has even been attributed with saving EXID from disbandment. Since 2014, her fancam has racked up over 26.7 million views.


And her newest fancam released this year has already gained 2.3 million views. So, crowning Hani as the queen of fancams is easy!


But Hani’s fancam record has just been broken by BTS‘s Jimin!


His sexy moves from “FAKE LOVE” have captured everyone’s attention.


And we truly mean everyone since the video currently has over 28 million views!


The feat is even more amazing since this particular fancam was uploaded on May 31, 2018.


Meaning not only has he beaten the fancam record but he’s also done it in record time!


Since Jimin’s fancam has officially surpassed the views of all other videos, he can definitely be crowned the king of fancams!


Curious how this particular video has gained so many views? Check it out below!