Watch Kim Jong Un’s Reaction To Seeing A Live K-Pop Performance

Kim Jung Un is now the first North Korean leader to witness a K-Pop concert. This was his reaction!

A total of 120 South Korean artists and performers flew to Pyongyang for a performance in commemoration of the inter-Korean summit to be held next month.

A group photo of the performers at Pyongyang Int’l Airport.

The performance will be held from March 31st to April 3rd.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made a surprise appearance at this event on April 1st, making him the first North Korean leader to witness a K-Pop concert.


He was captured standing on the second floor of the hall clapping, seemingly enjoying the performance.


He took the time to meet the artists after the performance and shook hands with each of them. He also told the South Korean performers that they should hold these intercultural art performances more frequently.


Moreover, he showed interest in Red Velvet as he was quoted saying, “I heard there has been much interest in whether I would show up to see Red Velvet. I was going to come to the performance on the 3rd but adjusted my schedule to come today.”


A rare shot of Kim Jong Un and Red Velvet’s Irene has been gaining attention from the netizens as well.

  • “It’s not photoshopped, it’s real!!”
  • “This will be the talk of the year ㅋㅋ”
  • “Kim Jung Un looks surprisingly tall. I thought he would be a little over 170cm at best.”
  • “That looks about right since Irene is bending down a little and she’s 158cm.”‘


The Pyongyang performance so far has been well-received by the North Korean audience with some of them singing along to Red Velvet’s songs and giving the performers a standing ovation.


Watch the video clip of Kim Jong Un at the Pyongyang performance:

Source: Channel News Asia, Serieamania and Daily Mail