Watch Korean Rapper Dumbfoundead Destroy In His Return To Rap Battle

In his return to battling after a 5 year hiatus, Korean rapper Dumbfoundead (aka Parker), went against rapper Conceited and pulled out some amazing lines for an instant classic. 

The battle, which happened in early February, has now been released on YouTube for everyone to watch and listen to. We originally reported on the story when rapper Drake praised Dumbfoundead at the press conference saying, “I watched Dumbfoundead for years, man. I really like, I mean, it’s good to see him, uh, come back and just bless us with presence at this event is insane.”

The battle has some sick lines from both rappers, with a majority of the top comments in the YouTube video agreeing that Dumbfoundead took home the win. The rapper even makes a reference to K-Pop saying, “When I’m talking K-Pop, I ain’t talking Gangnam Style // I’m talking Gangland files”

Watch for yourself and see what you think: