Watch All The Performances From 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun

MBC‘s annual year-end music festival Gayo Daejejun is going on right now, and here’s where you can re-watch any the performances you might have missed!This year, the festival was full of amazing collaboration stages as well as regular performances from some of the most popular K-Pop groups and solo artists. We’ve collected them all below for you to enjoy, over and over again.

Watch the KBS Gayo Daejejun performances here:

G-Friend – “So Hot”

UP10TION – “White Knight”

Monsta X – “Fighter”

Ha Hyun Woo- “Lazenca, Save Us”

Mamamoo – “Decalcomanie”

AOA – “Good Luck”

EXID – “L.I.E”

 Turbo – “White Love”


Apink – “Intro” + “Only One”

G-Friend – “Rough” + “Navillera”

Seventeen – “Honey + Very Nice”

Red Velvet “Russian Roulette”

Special stage (B1A4)

Special Stage (Up10tion)

Special stage (BTS)

BtoB – “I’ll Be Your Man”

TOP (feat Ele Vn.) – “Touch”

Infinite – “BTD”

Shinee – “Ring Ding Dong”

VIXX – “The Closer” + “Fantasy”

SISTAR – “I Like That”

Taeyeon – “11:11”

Special stage (BtoB & Apink)

Special stage (Seventeen):

Special stage (Sistar & Monsta X):

Special stage (AOA & Infinite):

Special stage (Tae Jina & Hong Jinyoung)

B.A.P. – “Young Wild and Free” + “Skydive”

B1A4 – “A Lie”

CNBLUE – “You’re So Fine”

BTS – “Blood, Sweat, Tears” + “Fire”

Ses – “I’m Your Girl”

Infinite – “The Eye”

Shinee – “Tell me what to do” + “ 1 of 1”

EXO – “Louder” + “Monster”

BTS – “Rainism”