Watch SEVENTEEN go into a bowing frenzy as their senior Taemin walks by

It’s no secret that the members of SEVENTEEN are fans of SHINee, but this cute interaction with SHINee‘s  Taemin shows how respectful SEVENTEEN is towards their sunbae.

As Taemin is being led to his seat, the members of SEVENTEEN notice him and quickly stand up in order to properly greet him.

If there’s one member in particular amongst SEVENTEEN that is known to be quite the dedicated fan, it’s Hoshi,  and this fancam proves just that. In the video, Hoshi is seen intently listening to the announcer as they call out the nominees for Best Dance Performance – Solo, and staring quite nervously at Taemin. Once the announcement is made and Taemin is declared the winner, Hoshi is the first to get out of his seat and applaud.

However, it isn’t all one-sided. Taemin was also captured standing up and applauding for SEVENTEEN when the rookie group won the World Performer award.

Wouldn’t it be cute to see the two groups have a collaboration stage sometime soon?