Watch I.O.I Somi Pig Out On Bugs On Live Camera

I.O.I‘s Jeon Somi snacked on dried crickets and mealworms after rock climbing with her father on MBC‘s My Little Television.

On March 4, Somi revealed on My Little Television that she had always wanted to try a specific type of food, and she had previously mentioned it on the episode where she talked about her bucket list.

She gave the viewers a warning before revealing the food as dried crickets and mealworms. Somi explained that she learned how rich in protein these bugs were, and so she had brought them to the studio herself.

To everyone’s surprise, Somi’s dad, Matthew, did the unthinkable and opened the package, then poured a whole handful into his mouth and started chewing, but showed that he immediately regretted it.

Somi then took a bite and expressed that she didn’t mind the taste as it tasted aromatic and similar to black beans. She then recommended her instructor to try one, but the instructor refused by sealing her lips tight so that Somi couldn’t feed her one.

She then tried the dried mealworms and compared the taste of it to dried fish. Her instructor stated she liked the taste of dried fish, and therefore decided to give it a go. Fortunately, the instructor liked the taste of the mealworms.

By the end of the section, Matthew told Somi in English that he needed to go to the bathroom, presumably to spit out all the dried crickets that he was still chewing and trying to gulp down.

Watch the segment here!

Source: Dispatch