Watch South Koreans Protect Their Police During Massive Protests

South Koreans are protesting against their President due to a massive political scandal that’s taken over the country. This doesn’t mean Korean citizens are rioting. 

In a beautifully captured video, Korean citizens are seen protecting their innocent police officers during the protest. The latest reporters reveal that nearly 1,000,000 South Koreans were protesting this weekend.

South Koreans are upset at President Park, not their police. These police themselves may even be extremely angry at their President. They are simply doing their jobs and this is something most Koreans understand.

In the GIF below, one citizen seems to lose his temper and punch the police officer. Immediately, everyone around the assailant and police officer turns around to stop the man.  It’s quite obvious from the video that everyone in the video is looking to defend the officer.

Check it out below! South Koreans are proving that protesting can be peaceful.

Even more awe-inspiring is how peaceful all the protesters have been thus far. Check out this beautiful video below that perfectly showcases the passion of South Koreans:

A short also shows how adamant the protesters are about keeping this protest violence-free as. In the video a few protesters can be seen taking the shields away from a number of policemen and attempting to get rid of the wall of shields. However, the crowd insists and demands that people stop this and give them their shields back. By the end of the video the protesters are seen letting police through to recover their shields as well as delivering the shields back to them as one.