Winners and performances from the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards

With the year coming to a close, broadcasting station KBS once again be held their annual Entertainment Awards to honor their comedy and variety show members for their hard work and success. 

The show took place on Saturday, December 24th at 9:15PM at the KBS and was broadcast live on KBS2. Known for having a lot of hilarious collaboration stages between idol groups and comedians, the special stages at the show were greatly anticipated by fans.

While the performances were great, fans were excited to see the hosting as well. Actor Park Bogum served as host alongside Music Bank co-host Irene of Red Velvet. With Park Bo Gum and Irene having showed enough chemistry to have sparked dating rumors in the past, fans were definitely happy to see the two working together once again.

Unnies opened the show with their performance of hit song “Shut Up.” The group surprised the audience by performing with cast member Tiffany, who left the show earlier in the year.

Rookie girl group TWICE performed their hit song “Cheer Up” for the audience. The cast of popular KBS variety shows can be seen singing and dancing along to the song.

Project group I.O.I performed their viral song “Pick Me,” which has been heavily parodied by the comedians in the audience.

AOA gave viewers a heart attack performing their latest track. The point dance for the song has been quite a hit with entertainers.

Here are the winners from the show:

Daesang: Kim Jong Min
Viewer’s Choice Award: 1 Night 2 Days
Top Excellence: Ra Mi Ran and Lee Dong Guk (Variety), Kim Sook and Jung Jae Hyung (Talk Show), Yoo Min Sang and Lee Suji (Comedy)
Producer: J.Y. Park
Excellence Award: Hong Jin Kyung (Variety), Jun Hyun Moo (Talk Show), Song Young Gil and Lee Hyun Jung (Comedy)
Best Idea: Gag Concert – The Most Sensitive People
Best Couple: Lee Kwang Soo and Jung So Min – The Sound Of Your Heart
Popularity Award: Return of Superman
Best Entertainer: Nam Goong Min – Singing Battle
Best Teamwork: Happy Together
Hot Issue (Variety Show): Lee Kwang Soo, Jung So Min, Kim Byung Ok, Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Dae Myung
TV Writer: Yoo Ki Yeon, Jung Sun Young, Ji Hyun Sook
Radio DJ: Park Myung Soo
Rookies: Min Hyo Rin and Yoon Si Yoon (Variety),  Choi Tae Joon and Uhm Hyun Kyung (Talk Show), Hong Hyung Ho and Kim Seung Hye (Comedy)

Congratulations to all the winners!