Watchdog Group Who First Alleged “Produce” Manipulation Demands Answers From Mnet For “Boys Planet”

Boys Planet has been hit with several allegations of manipulation.

A watchdog group that first alleged Mnet‘s Produce series was manipulating votes demanded answers from Mnet for Boys Planet.

Poster for Boys Planet | Mnet

The watchdog group, Produce Truth Committee (translated from 프로듀스 진상규명위원회), released a statement on April 11 demanding Mnet address allegations of vote manipulation on Boys Planet.

Allegations stem from the lack of transparency in Boys Planet‘s Signal Song numbers and its allocation and the visual votes. Mnet should be proactive in providing an explanation that is acceptable in these regards.

— Produce Truth Committee

The watchdog group went on to provide the reasons for the allegations and criticized Mnet for hiding the number of “Likes” contestants received on their YouTube videos.

Mnet stated that Boys Planet scored contestants according to the amount of Likes and views each received. However, on the YouTube channel, each contestant’s Signal Song videos have the number of Likes received hidden. As Mnet hasn’t provided a logical explanation, it is impossible not to be skeptical.

— Produce Truth Committee

The watchdog group then stated that the number of likes was previously shown on Girls Planet and Produce series, which gave cause for concern seeing how in Boys Planet, the numbers were hidden.

The number of Likes received are hidden | @Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Allegations of manipulation on Boys Planet were first raised when Seok Matthew’s video rankings jumped from 35th to 9th place. Mnet has yet to reveal the process of how the votes are counted, and thus allegations of manipulation have plagued the series.

Seok Matthew | Mnet

Mnet addressed the allegations by stating that the votes were certified and tallied by a foreign company.

All of the data in Boys Planet is certified by a foreign firm, PwC. The Shining Boys (translated from 빛나는 소년들) were voted by the trainees themselves, excluding trainees who, for reasons such as their health, were not able to participate in the voting.

— Mnet

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo
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