WA$$UP apologizes to Muslim fans for using Islamic symbols during their “Show Champion” performance

WA$$UP issues an official apology after offending their Muslim fans with their recent performance on MBC‘s Show Champion. 

On November 29th, WA$$UP released the apology through their Facebook account, apologising to their fans for the incident that occurred during the program, specifically to their Arab and Muslim fans who were offended.

As WA$$UP promoted their latest mini-album Showtime on Show Champion last November 26th, fans noticed the use of Islamic symbols as their background screen and effects. This led to an uproar from their Muslim fans with the group receiving backlash for their irresponsible use of the Quran.

To ease the tension, WA$$UP explained their side through the post saying, “First of all, We are very sorry for this incident. Wassup only prepare for music and performances. Stage background screen and other stage effects are prepared by broadcasting.” The members further expressed their regret over the incident, expressing their apologies with the statement, “We are very sorry for not checking theses kind of details in before hand. We did not try to offend any of you arab fans. We are very sorry again and these kind of incident will not happen again.”

Fans who have seen the apology on Facebook commended the group for recognizing their fault and accepted it wholeheartedly.

This is not the first incident where Korean artists offended followers of Islam for their material with Loco apologising earlier today for using a Muslim prayer on his song, “Act Serious.” CL, was also previously cited for the use of Quran parts on her track, “MTBD.”

MBC is yet to comment on the incident.