Mafia Records Releases Official Statement on WA$$UP Nada’s Lawsuit

Wa$$up‘s Nada has filed a lawsuit to terminate her exclusive contract with Mafia Records.

According to reports, Nada filed her lawsuit over matters of payment. Initial statements by Mafia Records claimed that Nada had acted on her own.

Mafia Records released an official statement. Here is the translation of what they had to say:

Hello. This is Wa$$up’s agency, Mafia Records.

First, we would like to apologize to all the people who love Wa$$up for bringing them bad news.

Our law firm has been notified that Nada has filed a notice for the termination of her exclusive contract.

Our company’s position is as follows:

Nada made her debut in 2013 and has been working under a standard contract. Once the company is reimbursed for expenses such as an artist’s activities, living costs, and training costs, then the artist will be paid.

Nada has asked for her share of the revenue from her personal activities through digital sales, CFs, and events after Unpretty Rapstar 3. Because of this, we provided her with a list of expenses that she has to pay back, along with an explanation for each.

Because her income was not as high as the amount we invested into her, we can not settle right now.

After Nada’s popularity grew to a point where she was bigger than her group, thanks to Unpretty Rapstar, she became involved in more activities outside of WA$$UP and stated that she wanted to ‘focus on her solo activity outside of the group’ despite the fact that her exclusive contract had not yet expired.

We had been preparing for both Wa$$up’s future activities as well as Nada’s as a solo out of respect for her wishes, but we also made sure to negotiate how investments would be made in both activities.

During that process, Nada sent in her application for contract termination.

Although we had not come to a mutual understanding, Nada completely disregarded the fact that we had not allowed her to participate in club events (which in itself was an attempt to protect her image as an artist) and appeared in such events and continues to carry out other schedules out of her own volition.

As a result, we believe this is a violation of her contract and are preparing to file a request for a preliminary injunction.

After considering all these events we have come to the conclusion that the sudden popularity she enjoyed through Unpretty Rapstar 3 has caused her to put aside all understanding between her and the company, as well as her group, and begin a legal process to nullify her contract to pursue her own profits.

We are very sorry to all of the fans who were waiting for Wa$$up’s activities. We will try to look for various solutions that both the artist and company can agree upon without any misunderstandings.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Nada has her own opinions on the situation, saying:

“The company has distorted some of the information. I had a lot of discussions with the company about my activities. More information will be revealed through legal examination.”

Source: Enter, MyDaily, Star News