The Fascinating Way Companies Make Custom In-Ear Monitors For K-Pop Idols, According To IU

It’s how they always fit perfectly!

Singer-actress IU recently sat down for an interview with VOGUE KOREA where she showed off the contents of her Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

I don’t carry lots of things in my bag,” she stated at the start of the video. And true enough, she only brings the necessities with her!

One of the few things that did make the cut, however, were her ear plugs. She explained that she had them custom-made because she wanted them to fit inside her ear perfectly.

These are ear plugs. I think I’m showing this for the first time. I got these custom-made to fit my ear shape.

— IU

The “LILAC” singer went on to reveal what the process of making in-ear monitors for singers is like. She shared that liquid silicone is poured into their ears. This ensures that there is zero unwanted space, completely blocking out all noise. It may be expensive to commission, but she simply had to ask the company for them, and they were given for free!

Singers use in-ear monitors. We get silicone shaped in our ears so that we can get in-ears made with no gap. If we ask the company, they give you the ear plugs for free.

— IU

She puts them to good use. The time she brings them out the most is during long flights on an airplane when she wants to sleep well. Finally, she loves the blue color, even comparing it to her hit song, “Blueming.”

I use these on flights a lot when I want to sleep. If you put it on like this, it helps a lot. The color is also my favorite—Blueming color.

— IU

Check out the other items IU keeps inside her bag in the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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