The Way IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Views Her Hectic Schedule Shows Her Limits

There’s a reason she’s a global star.

Jang Wonyoung is a global icon—from being a talented singer and member of IVE to being a CF queen and ambassador for numerous brands.

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IVE appeared on episode 285 of the YouTube show MMTG, where the host JaeJae talked about various IVE moments and stories. One of the stories JaeJae brought up was Wonyoung’s schedule.

I discovered Wonyoung’s impressive schedule: you rocked Akaraka, then that evening you went to Paris where you attended a Fred event, then as soon as it was over you flew to Korea, then attended Chungbuk National University’s festival, then at 5 a.m. you recorded a special MC stage, then did a live show for Music Bank, then went to Ajou University’s festival, then Sungkyunkwan University’s festival, then did a fansign event, then flew back to Paris and attended a Miu Miu event.

— JaeJae

Then JaeJae asked the question everyone was thinking—”Is this real?” Wonyoung smiled and responded:

When I think back on that time, it was kind of hectic. 

Wonyoung at Akaraka | @Dubba_DD/Twitter

She also showed how limitless her professionalism is by clarifying that she had to endure it because all events were important to her.

Sleep is sleep, but because I had a lot of schedules, it put a lot of pressure on me… on my physical strength. They were all schedules that were important to me, so there was nothing I could do, and there many things I felt during that time.

Wonyoung on “MMTG” | MMTG

JaeJae asked, “What did you feel?” and Yujin guessed, “Did you feel life?Gaeul also guessed:

Did you feel the bitter taste of life?

Rei (left) and Gaeul (right) | MMTG

JaeJae then praised the star for not only handling the pressure of going to numerous events in such a short amount of time—but also going out of her way to get a gift for the Miu Miu designer.

Through all that, you gave the Miu Miu designer a business card case and a pen with traditional Korean embroidery. You went beyond handling your busy schedule and handled your social life well, too!

— JaeJae

Wonyoung at the Miu Miu event | MMTG

Wonyoung then shared that she had to preorder these gifts in advance, eager to give a gift that represents Korea. She also stated how she felt throughout her busy schedule.

I think it was a time when I realized that there were a lot of situations that I couldn’t help.

Her perspective of the situation shows her willingness to attend all her events, even if it is tiring. She has yet to reach her limit.


Wonyoung showed her neverending professionalism and demonstrated that her global success did not come easily; she worked hard for it, traveling to and from countries and even sacrificing rest.

Source: MMTG

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