WayV’s Hendery Spills On How His View Of Friendship Has Changed Thanks To His Members

WayV is a family.

During the third episode of WayV‘s The Summer Talk, the boys got deep as they shared their thankfulness toward each other and spoke honestly about their friendship.

Xiaojun and Ten credited WayV’s tight bond to their willingness to be open with each other. They emphasized how important this was because although the members are together every day, they can only understand each other and grow closer if they are honest with each other.

| WayV/YouTube

Hendery then shared his thankfulness towards the members by opening up about his childhood. Ever since he was young, Hendery moved around a lot, so all his friendships were short-term.

Since he was little, he learned that friendships didn’t last, so it was difficult for him to create any deep bonds with anyone.

However, Hendery is confident that even if WayV have to go their separate ways when they’re older, the goodbye he exchanges with his members will be more of an “I’ll see you again.”

Throughout their years together, WayV have forged strong friendships that have changed Hendery’s mind on goodbyes. Now, if they’re ever separated by distance, they know that their hearts are always together.

Let’s keep in touch and when we say, ‘Let’s have a drink and eat hot pot,’ make sure to come out, and I think we’ll be just like we are now.

— Hendery

WayV are more than just teammates and friends; they’re a family. When even their parents can’t understand how they’re feeling or what they’re going through, the members can confide in each other and draw strength from one another.

Hendery ended his sharing by encouraging the others that they could overcome anything together as a family.

WayV’s relationship is truly precious, and their close bond will only help them soar to new heights.