WayV’s Hendery Appears To Have A Tongue Piercing In New TikTok

Eagle-eyed netizens spotted it.

China-based NCT unit WayV are preparing to make their comeback on November 8 with their second album, On My Youth. 

So, the group’s social media presence has been increased. Recently, Hendery and Yangyang posted a funny video on TikTok in which Yangyang began to tell Hendery a “spoiler” something only to retract it.


Gotcha~😝 #HENDERY #黄冠亨 #YANGYANG #扬扬 #WayV #威神V #OnMyYouth #遗憾效应 #WayV_OnMyYouth #WayV_OnMyYouth_遗憾效应

♬ original sound – Liam Miller

Hendery screamed in frustration at the end, and eagle-eyed netizens noticed something in his mouth. They believe Hendery might have gotten a tongue-piercing.

There appeared to be a small silver ball on his tongue in the video.

Hendery has been rocking more piercings with WayV’s latest comeback. So, it might be real.

What do you think?

Source: official_wayv