WayV’s Kun Explains Why He Once Said A Super Junior Concert Was “Boring”

Shindong’s reaction was hilarious!

WayV‘s Kun and Xiaojun became the first guests to appear on the YouTube series Tell Me Somesing, with YouTuber Quaddurup and Super Junior‘s Shindong as the MCs!

Xiaojun (left) and Kun (right). 

The four were getting along well, with Shindong even saying that the WayV members were friendlier than he expected!

Quaddurup (left) and Shindong (right) said the WayV members were “chill” and easier to approach than they thought. 

However, Quaddurup threw in a story that surprised everyone: Kun once attended a Super Junior concert, and said it was boring!

Subtitles: “He said it was boring! 

Shindong said, “There’s no way!” and then jokingly asked Kun if he thought he was better than him. Meanwhile Kun was in the backseat itching to explain himself!

Subtitles: “You think you’re better than me? 

Kun explained that he attended the concert as a trainee, and at the time he still didn’t understand Korean that well. Since Super Junior talk a lot during their concerts, he couldn’t follow along!

Let me explain. I don’t want to get in trouble. It was when I first came to Korea and back then I didn’t speak Korean at all. I know you already know this but you guys talk a lot during the concert.

— Kun

Subtitles: “I know you already know this but… 

He attended the concert with NCT DREAM‘s Renjun who understood more Korean than him at the time, so while Renjun was laughing at Super Junior’s comments, Kun didn’t understand anything!

Kun explaining that he attended with Renjun. 

Shindong totally acknowledged Kun’s explanation, and agreed that Super Junior do talk a lot during their concerts so it would be uninteresting during those parts.

Subtitles: “[I totally feel you] It must’ve been boring. 
Shindong compared it to a time he saw Bruno Mars in concert and was bored during the talking parts, but whenever a song he knew came on, it “suddenly became super fun!”

Shindong saying the Bruno Mars concert was exciting when he knew the songs. 

Kun said that’s exactly what happened with him! When “Sorry Sorry” and “U” played, he got so excited.

Shindong hilariously pointed out that Super Junior’s concerts can be up to 4 hours long, and that Kun must have only had fun during the 8 minutes of those two songs.

Shindong said Kun had fun for 8 minutes out of the 4 hours. 

But Quaddurup and Shindong agreed at least he had fun for those 8 minutes!

Subtitles: “But those 8 minutes were super fun! 

Check out the clip below!


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