WayV’s Kun Had The Most Relatable Reaction To Technology Troubles

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

During the recent episodes of WayV-log, fans have been following WayV Kun‘s journey with his new drone. In the previous episode, Kun unboxed his new gadget and even gave it a try in his living room.

Yet, despite having some experience with the drone, Kun showed that technology doesn’t always play by the rules and can sometimes cause trouble. In his latest vlog, he wanted to carry on practicing flying his drone!

After taking the drone out, it was time to get the device up and running! However, after turning it on and hearing the starting noise, Kun noticed that it didn’t seem to be working in the way he wanted.

Like the rest of us when it comes to technology problems, Kun seemed increasingly frustrated with the device and its inability to work correctly!

Luckily, after taking some to readjust, Kun finally got it working. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can stop something from working, and Kun realized that the issue was that he hadn’t actually plugged the cable in!

With the cable finally plugged in, the connection was made, and the drone finally started to work, much to the delight of Kun. Make sure to watch the whole video below to see Kun using his newest gadget!

Source: WayV