WayV’s “Lonely Master Chef” Xiaojun Reveals How His Members Feel About His Cooking

His cooking style is definitely…unique!

WayV‘s Xiaojun has quite the reputation for his unique taste in food. He even has a YouTube series where he makes unbelievable dishes called The Lonely Master Chef XIAO!

Xiaojun on set for The Lonely Master Chef XIAO. | WayV/YouTube 

Some dishes Xiaojun made on the show included an Oreo cake, spicy cheese toast, and, for his last episode, a green tea slime dessert.

Xiaojun about to try his green slime dessert. | WayV/YouTube 

He did a livestream on July 29 following the release of the final episode in the series, where he answered some fan questions.

Xiaojun during his livestream titled “The Lonely Master Chef XIAO’s NOT Lonely Live.” | WayV_official/Weibo 

One fan asked if the other members have tried Xiaojun’s cooking before, and what their reviews were.

Left to right: YangYang, Ten, Hendery, Xiaojun, Winwin, Lucas, and Kun. | WayVXIAOJUN/Weibo

Xiaojun said all the members have tried his cooking before, but they don’t like it nor do they approve! True to his name as the Lonely Chef, Xiaojun said he feels lonely because very few people understand his cooking.

| bun bun/YouTube 
Xiaojun trying his Oreo cake. | WayV/YouTube 

He said that Ten wasn’t a fan of his Oreo cake, even though the fans have said it’s great. Fans got to see footage of Ten trying the cake in Xiaojun’s vlog for the NCT 24hr Relay Cam.

“Don’t try this at home, everyone.” | NCT/YouTube 

Xiaojun revealed that the hardest person to get recognition from is Kun, who is admittedly better at cooking.

| bun bun/YouTube 

However, Kun told Xiaojun that his food at least won’t make him sick anymore, meaning he’s improved!

Xiaojun (left) and Kun (right). WayVXIAOJUN/Weibo

The only member who seems to understand Chef XIAO’s tastes is Winwin!

Winwin (left) and Xiaojun (right). | @WayV_Official/Twitter

Xiaojun told fans about a time where he and Winwin made chicken wings with Coca-Cola! He pretended to wipe away a tear as he recalled how he taught Winwin how to cook the chicken.

| bun bun/YouTube 
| WayV_official/Weibo 

Xiaojun may not be understood by his members, but Weishennies certainly enjoy seeing what he comes up with! Hopefully we’ll get a season 2 of The Lonely Master Chef Xiao.

| WayV/YouTube 
Source: Weibo Livestream and Xiaojun's Weibo