Here’s The Full Translation Of The Latest Gaslighting Accusations Against WayV’s Lucas

“I hope that through my experience, everyone is alerted and sees what kind of a person he really is.”

WayV‘s Lucas was previously embroiled in scandal as a Korean netizen had accused him of gaslighting her while in a relationship together. A different girl has stepped up to make similar allegations against him. This time, a Chinese netizen claimed that Lucas cheated on her while making requests for her to buy him luxury gifts.

I wasn’t going to reveal this, since we broke up on somewhat good terms. This incident didn’t actually cause me any harm, mentally or physically, so I was planning on treating him as one of the many passersby in my life and just forget about him. However, when I saw yesterday’s post, I realized that the experience is similar to mine, and the timing also coincided. More and more girls have had the same experience, and I discovered that he actually talked behind a girl’s back and made up rumors about her in order to trick another girl.

I feel totally betrayed. I don’t think this is just a simple relationship issue. I don’t know if any other girls will stand up for themselves after me, but I hope that through my experience, everyone is alerted and sees what kind of a person he really is. I hope no one gets manipulated by pick-up artists anymore and there won’t be more victims.

— Alleged Ex-girlfriend

She presented receipts and photographs of the items that Lucas allegedly requested of her, as well as alleged chat logs she shared with Lucas. She circled the date on the receipt for the Balenciaga windbreaker that corresponded with a chat log where he requested that she buy it for him.

Requesting Gifts: Before coming over to my place, he used the excuse of not bringing enough clothes and asked me to buy him some. He specifically requested the brands, Sain* and Balen*, and said he didn’t like the brand Bur* (it’s a brand that he had a business deal with at that time).

— Alleged Ex-girlfriend

The chat logs are as follows.

  • Lucas: “Haha.”
  • Lucas: “I really want to go out to play today.”
  • Lucas: “Can you help me with something?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “What is it?”
  • Lucas: “Can you help me buy a jacket? You can give it to me tonight.”
  • Lucas: “Can you?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Did you not bring clothes over?”
  • Lucas: “Yes.”
  • Lucas: “Haha.”
  • Lucas: “I didn’t bring outerwear.”
  • Lucas: “But it’s okay.”
  • Lucas: “Forget it.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “What size do you wear?”
  • Lucas: “Are you helping me buy it?”
  • Lucas: “YSL or Balenciaga.”
  • Lucas: “These two.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “What size do you wear?”
  • Lucas: “Medium.”
  • Lucas: “Where are you?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Where are you?”
  • Lucas: “I’m at the front door.”

She then uploaded photographs of Lucas wearing the said jacket.

They seemed to be drinking.

She also uploaded a photograph of him sleeping.

She explained how they first got to know each other.

Communication: At the beginning, I was just a fan. If I liked someone, I would just go to their schedules occasionally. Then, one time, I discovered an account named ‘lucas’s iPhone’ while searching on airdrop. I sent an emoji sticker using my name as my ID just for fun. From that day on, we started communicating and added each other on WeChat. At that time, I thought I was the lucky female lead in a drama, but I didn’t realize there wasn’t only one female lead.

— Ex-girlfriend

She attached screenshots of the Airdrop and how they added each other on WeChat, a messaging app.

The ex-girlfriend also claimed that he had asked to go over to her place. She ended up picking him up from his hotel to her house before sending him back and heading home alone.

Sleepover: When he found out that my home is around the same place as his schedule, he proactively suggested to come over to my place and told me that he wanted to go somewhere with no one around. He’s of the opposite gender and was someone I liked at the time, so I thought there was more to it and asked if he had a girlfriend. He said no. If I knew he had a girlfriend at that time, I would’ve never let him come to my place and would not have had any of the contacts that I had with him afterward.

At that time, I naively thought that love has finally found me, so I picked him up and took him to my place from his hotel after he finished his schedule. I asked him then, ‘Your manager doesn’t care?’ He said his manager was sleeping in another room and wouldn’t know that he left.

— Ex-girlfriend

  • Lucas: “No I mean,”
  • Lucas: “If there’s no one at your house, I kinda want to go.”
  • Lucas: “I just want to see what it’s like.”
  • Lucas: “Haha.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Huh?”
  • Lucas: “How about…”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Hotel?”
  • Lucas: “Yeah.”
  • Lucas: “You can come over to play.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Then what?”
  • Lucas: “Are you alone now?”
  • Lucas: “How about this?”
  • Lucas: “You go and wait for me at someplace nearby without anyone.”
  • Lucas: “Okay?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “This is a little…”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “There’s no one anywhere.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Let me take a look.”
  • Lucas: “Just go somewhere with no one around first.”
  • Lucas: “You can take your time.”
  • Lucas: “You can come out around 12 as well.”

She attached receipts of the car rides she took to and from the hotel as well as to send Lucas back to the hotel.

  • Ex-girlfriend: “The bus stop to the right of the front door, you can stop there.”
  • Lucas: “Go back safely.”

The first thing he did after coming to my place was smoke, and he asked me to join him. Then we started drinking. He started chatting with me and said his best friend from his trainee days, who hadn’t debuted yet, is garbage. He complained that his members don’t listen to others, don’t work hard, and can’t be led. He said one certain member stole his fashion-related opportunities. He said some people did not have any real skills but were able to debut solely due to their visuals. He said he didn’t like Running Man China because it’s tiring and his seniors gave him a lot of stress. He even said he didn’t like fans taking photos of him at the airport. He then started telling me that his family was not well-off, his dad’s investments failed, and needed him to make money to buy a house, car, etc. He complained about the unfairness of society.

At the time, I just thought he’s a hard-working guy. But after I read the other posts, I realized that he was just trying to set the stage to manipulate me. I was totally shocked and thought that he was totally different from the way he was presented in front of the camera, but because I was blinded by him being an idol, I still thought he seemed real. He emphasized how hard-working he was while telling me that he thought I’d understand him. This gave me the illusion that he was someone that I could open my heart to. He slept over at my place, and I got him a ride to go back before the start of his schedule the next morning.

— Ex-girlfriend

The ex-girlfriend also accused him of having her “on-standby” while he saw other girls.

Aftermath: Later on, I’d ask if he wanted me to go to his schedule. Sometimes, he’d say that it was a waste of time and that studying should be my priority, so I shouldn’t go. I thought he was considerate, but now I understand that he had someone else to see. I’ve been clowned. Sometimes when I did go to a schedule, he’d ask me if I had a place and whether I was by myself. He’d disappear after confirming that I had a roommate with me. Since I couldn’t stand the feeling of essentially being on stand by, I confronted him about it in December. He used being busy with schedules as an excuse to avoid the situation, and used ‘we’re friends’ as a way to manipulate me so that I wouldn’t say anything after his member’s scandal broke out. I saw right through him and didn’t contact him after that. I’m thankful that I’ve always been taught to be an independent girl with the ability to form my own opinions. If a girl who’s mentally fragile or a girl who needs love encounters such a scumbag, wouldn’t she develop mental issues?

— Ex-girlfriend

  • Lucas: “Are you coming today?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Guess~~”
  • Lucas: “I think you shouldn’t come.”
  • Lucas: “It’s a waste of your time.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “It’s okay.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “I gave it to my friend.”
  • Lucas: “Haha. Those are really tasty.”
  • Lucas: “Do you have a house in Korea?”
  • Lucas: “Wow. Are you alone?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “I do.”
  • Lucas: “Let me see the inside.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Why!!!”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Why are you so curious about each of my houses? Why don’t you let me see your house!”
  • Lucas: “Oh right. I don’t have a house.”
  • Lucas: “Where’s your house?”
  • Lucas: *location sharing*
  • Lucas: “I’m here.”
  • Lucas: *location sharing*
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Hwayangdong?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: *location sharing*

Finally, she alleged that he had not been honest throughout their time.

While we were in touch, I repeatedly checked whether he had a girlfriend and whether he was in touch with other girls. And his answers were always, ‘No.’ And he claimed that he had never drank like this with other girls before. I really believed his bullsh*t and thought he was just a ‘boy who wants love.’ I never thought that he would take advantage of his status as a celebrity and his fans’ love to satisfy his own needs through trickery — flirting with other girls while having a girlfriend, meeting different girls in different cities, and speaking ill of other girls. His actions make me feel bad for myself and other girls.

I know the public will forget about these things really quickly. I know a lot of people will judge me for this incident. I also know that I’m basically destroying myself through this. So, I’m not doing this for any other reason. I’m just hoping that those who believed him no matter what, just like I did, can now recognize the truth, and no one else is going to be hurt like I was, no one else is going to face all the pressure like I have. I hope no guy or girl will ever get manipulated in a relationship.

— Ex-girlfriend

  • Ex-girlfriend: “Do you have anyone else besides me? Having them on KKT counts as well. Every single social media counts too.”
  • Lucas: “You’re really. What nonsense.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Huh?? You’re changing the subject. I asked first.”
  • Lucas: “I didn’t kkkkk”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “What about (anyone you’re) dating?”
  • Lucas: “….”
  • Lucas: “What nonsense.”
  • Lucas: “Little kid. As expected, your imagination really exceeds mine.”

While social media and community sites have been buzzing about the accusations since the first one made on August 23, 2021, SM Entertainment has declined to comment on the matter when asked about the first accusation. Lucas’ largest Chinese fansite has also since closed. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

The first accusation can be read below.

Evidence Of WayV Lucas’ Alleged Gaslighting Dating Scandal Proven To Be Fabricated

Source: Weibo