WayV Attempt To Explain Their Iconic “Want You To Make It Clap” Lyric

There’s only so many ways to explain.

While they are the China subunit of NCT, WayV has released several songs in English. “Bad Alive” and “Miracle” are two of the popular English tracks, but the one that even non-fans seem to love the most is “Love Talk.”

WayV | SM Entertainment

Of all the song’s lyrics, one has stood out the most to international fans. In a verse in the last half of the song, YangYang raps “I just want you to make it clap.”

“Love Talk” is no doubt filled with innuendo, but “make it clap” is a direct expression used to ask someone to twerk.

WayV were recently asked about this lyric and had a hard time explaining the meaning!

The group are currently releasing content ahead of their comeback on November 11. As part of those promotions, they appeared on TheKStarNextDoor where host Jonathan had no problem teasing the group.

During one portion of the show, Jonathan asks the group’s about the song’s lyrics, specifically asking about the “touch me, tease me, feel me up” lyrics. Ten feigns innocence at first, saying they meant what they said literally.

Jonathan then asks directly about “make it clap,” to which Hendery says that a real explanation would turn the show R-rated.

Ten goes for the innocent route again, saying it means you want someone to pay attention to you or compliment you. Hilariously, Jonathan asks if it’s a children’s song that could be performed at a festival, getting some funny reactions from the group who begin dancing.

The rest of the episode was filled with hilarious moments, which you can check out below.