WayV Reveals How Strong Their Friendship Is With NCT Members Despite Promoting In Different Countries

Despite missing out on some hilarious interactions, fans will be glad to know they are still close friends

WayV is currently busy promoting in China, with each of the members being active in television, modelling and variety.

Unfortunately, many NCTzens can’t help but miss the interactions that were seen when the members of WayV were still promoting in South Korea prior to this year.

However, recently, the WayV members have been making it clear that they are still good friends with their pals in South Korea, even if they don’t get to see them as often as they want to.

Firstly, it is a running joke among NCTzens of Taeil’s love for Winwin who is currently part of WayV.

When Winwin was promoting with NCT 127, Taeil constantly spoke of his admiration of Winwin, leading to the two of them constantly being shipped.

Although the two have not been able to see each other, with Winwin in China and Taeil travelling with NCT 127’s global tour, Winwin confirmed that he waited until the midnight of Taeil’s birthday recently to wish him a happy birthday.

To the delight of NCTzens, Winwin made sure to congratulate his friend and pass on his best wishes and hopes.

Another hilarious pairing has been Ten and Johnny who have been joking around with each other ever since their SM Rookies days, with Johnny often sassing Ten for his antics.

Despite Ten being away from South Korea with WayV, Ten revealed that Johnny celebrated his recent birthday by gifting him some earrings.

He also stated that he and Johnny text daily, displaying the strong bond they share and how they are always checking up on each other.

But probably the most surprising pairing has been a relationship that NCTzens haven’t had the chance to watch!

Yangyang answered at a fanmeeting that he is close with NCT Dream, particularly Jaemin with whom he gets along well with.

Eagle-eyed fans even spotted photos of Yangyang hanging out with Jaemin when Yangyang was still a trainee.

Although it may be a bit more difficult for NCTzens to keep up with the activities of WayV, many are thrilled that in such a large group like NCT, there are so many strong friendships.

As a global group, NCT highlights how friendships transgresses nationality, age and even geographical separation.