WayV Shocks Fans With Sexy New Choreography For “Love Talk”


WayV is shocking fans with new choreography for one of their sexiest songs.

Whether you stan WayV or not, you know their 2019 hit song “Love Talk.” It’s not only a bop; its lyrics are sexy AF, and it only gets sexier with the English version.

And don’t even get us started on the demo version… The chorus is surprisingly NSFW.

Now, WayV has shocked fans with “Love Talk” once again. This time, it’s due to the choreography.

WayV are currently on their 2023 Global “PHANTOM” Fanmeeting Tour. They recently performed in Bangkok, Thailand.

During “Love Talk,” the crowd enthusiastically sang along, proving to know every word. Yet, their singing transformed into screams when most members started twerking! After, they smiled at the fans’ reactions.


Love talk เพลงตัวแม่ก็ twerkไปเลยยดิ 555555555555 🤣 ขออภัยเสียงกรี้ด 😭🙏🏻 #WayV_PhantominBKK_Day2 #WayV_Phantom_in_BANGKOK #TEN_PHANTOM_2ndFM #wayv #TEN #tenlee #톈 เตนล์@WayV Official

♬ Love Talk – English Version – WayV

A fancam went viral on TikTok with 549.1K views and 197.8K likes. Netizens were just as shocked by the twerking.

| @natchabellee/TikTok

This was definitely not part of the original choreography, was it?


Whether or not this is an official new addition to the choreography, we hope it stays as WayV continues to perform “Love Talk” live.

Source: natchabellee

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