WayV’s Stylists Under Fire After Dressing Members In “Insensitive And Racist” Outfits

This is not the first time.

WayV‘s stylists are under fire for dressing the members in allegedly insensitive outfits.

The outfits first came to attention when WayV released the teaser images for their first full length album, Awaken The World.

Member Kun wore a suit that was adorned with multiple pins in various designs. What caught fans’ attentions, however, was the checkered patch on his suit with the words “Agent Orange” sewed onto it.

Agent Orange is a powerful herbicide that was widely used by the US Military during the Vietnam War, which began in 1955 and ended in 1975. Over 20 million gallons were reportedly sprayed all over Vietnam and caused various health problems.

An estimated 400,000 people were killed or maimed due to exposure to Agent Orange. It is further linked to deadly diseases such as heart disease, lung and trachea cancers, prostate cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, and many others.

After Agent Orange was spread all over Vietnam, there were increased rates of stillbirths and birth defects. Its effects are still felt today.

Aside from Kun’s “Agent Orange” patch, member WinWin‘s pin was also said to be racist as it contained the words: “F’ckn cool J*p”. Korea and Japan have a history of tension spanning from the Japan-Korea war.

Netizens claimed that the pin was a racial slur pertaining to the Japanese.

This is not the first time SM Entertainment has come under fire for their stylistic choices. WinWin wore a shirt in 2016 with the words “MILF HUNTER” while on the way to KBS Entertainment‘s building.

Source: Dolljnk

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