WayV Ten’s Cats Have Completely Taken Over His Room And His Wallet, But He’s Perfectly Happy

Louis and Leon privileges!

WayV Ten‘s love for his two cats, Louis and Leon, has no limits — not even for his personal space or his bank account! In his recent appearance on Super Junior‘s Shindong and YouTuber Quaddurup‘s series, Tell Me Somesing, Ten revealed just how far it’s gotten.

Ten with Louis (white) and Leon (brown). | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

During the episode, Ten, YangYang, Shindong, and Quaddurup were talking about flexing luxury items they own. Ten revealed that now that he’s taking care of two cats, all his money goes to them!

These days, […] I’ve been raising two cats. So I’ve been giving all my money to the cats.

— Ten

“Spendings: Himself <<<<<<< Cats” |SM C&C STUDIO

Shindong and Quaddurup asked to see a picture of the cats, but Ten was pulling it up on his phone before they even asked! He’s truly a proud cat parent.

Shindong and Quaddurup in the front row; Ten and YangYang in the back. | SM C&C STUDIO 

One of his recent expenses for the cats was a tree! The hosts were in shock at the fact that Ten bought a tree and asked how big his house must be to fit all that in. Ten explained that “That small room is turning into a forest!”


Ten asked the hosts for help with naming the tree since he believes it deserves a name. Since Leon’s name is similar to Léon, the main character in Léon: The Professional, they went with the name Mathilda, the name of the young girl in the movie!


Ten’s love for Louis and Leon is so cute; they’re clearly very special to him and he treats them with so much care! They make a perfect trio.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Check out the video below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram