WayV’s Ten And Former miss A’s Fei Are Moved To Tears By “Great Dance Crew” Dancer

They could relate to the dancer’s heartbreaking struggle.

As leaders on the Chinese show Great Dance Crew, WayV‘s Ten and former miss A member Fei broke down in tears after listening to a contestant’s heartbreaking story they could relate to.


Thirty-five-year-old Hong Kong actress and singer Grace Wong, also known as G. Racie, took the stage for a charismatic dance performance and revealed the powerful meaning behind it that made everyone emotional.

Grace Wong fell in love with dancing while growing up in the United States but found success in acting and moved to Hong Kong to pursue it—even marrying her longtime boyfriend, who supported her by moving to Hong Kong as well. Despite achieving all these accomplishments, Grace Wong rejected the idea that she should retire.

Instead of listening to all the people who thought the time had passed to pursue her dreams, Grace Wong made everyone emotional with her courage to come on the show and prove her determination. She found the strength to let her true self shine after spending “fourteen years” on her career and image.

I still have a dream. But when pursuing your dream, as you get older and older, you’re really scared to take risks.

Although there might be risks, you mustn’t leave any regrets in your life—until the last day—because you only live once. I lived my life. It might not be successful, but I’m just living my life.

I did what I can. I chased my dream. And I’m here, and I did it.

— Grace Wong

Seeing Grace Wong’s determination to chase her dream regardless of her age, Ten couldn’t hold back tears as he said, “You’re just so brave.

Fei was also touched by Grace Wong’s strength to never give up on her dream. She wiped the tears from her eyes but soon cried even more after hearing Ten’s next words.

Teary-eyed, Ten praised Grace Wong’s positivity for not letting anyone else dictate how she lives her life. He even learned something new from hearing about her experiences.

I just really love how you think. You’re not afraid to express yourself and then you’re just like, ‘Okay, [whenever] people say, “How old am I?” I don’t really care. I’m gonna do what I love.’

That makes me like you as a person. That’s why I feel like maybe I learned something from you too after listening to your talk.

— Ten

Since Fei spent years in Korea training to debut in miss A and seven years as an idol herself, she understood why Ten had been hit so hard by Grace Wong’s words. Wiping her tears, Fei said, “I know it wasn’t easy for him when he was abroad, either.” She also pointed out that “dreams are precious” and recalled having an older dance teacher when she was young who proved that dancing didn’t have an age limit.

As a thirty-four-year-old dancer herself, Fei could relate to Grace Wong. And because both Ten and Fei spent so much time away from their home countries to be K-Pop idols, they understood how freeing it was for her to finally express herself.


Watch Ten and Fei break down in tears from Grace Wong’s strength to keep chasing her dreams and being her true self.