WayV’s Ten Reveals Why He Started Diving And How He Wants To Incorporate It Into His Dance

The beginning of WayV’s very own mermaid prince!

WayV‘s Ten awed fans when he posted this video of him looking absolutely magical underwater!

He also posted some still shots that make it look effortless, even though diving is such a physically and mentally demanding sport.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram
| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

In a recent interview with QQ Music, Ten talked about why he started diving in the first place and what he aims to do with it.

Ten explained that after WayV finished promotions for “Kick Back,” he had some free time and was looking for a new hobby when he came across diving!

After our promotion of ‘Kick Back,’ I had some free time so I was searching for a new hobby. And then I watched a video where the person in the video was dancing in the water. So it gave me an idea: in the future, I wish to do something similar. So I started to learn diving.

— Ten

The interviewer asked if being a dancer helped him learn diving, but Ten said it had more to do with his experience with swimming! As a child, Ten really loved swimming and so diving wasn’t that new of an experience for him.

| QQ Music 

Fans even began calling Ten a “Diving Genius” and “Mermaid Prince!” He thanked the fans for giving him such beautiful nicknames.

| QQ Music 

We’re all waiting to see how Ten incorporates his new diving skills into future choreography! It’s sure to be awe-inspiring and legendary. Check out the full video below:

Source: YouTube and Instagram