WayV’s Ten Tells Girls’ Generation’s Yuri How Their 10th Anniversary Concert Moved Him To Tears

His senior group’s performance brought him to tears without even realizing it!

WayV‘s Ten and YangYang guest-starred on Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s YouTube channel recently! The idols cooked a delicious-looking meal and answered some questions about their careers and each other.

Ten, YangYang, and Yuri. | @funzookim/Instagram

Yuri asked the two WayV members about any interesting stories they had related to Girls’ Generation. Ten talked about how he watched their 10th-anniversary concert in his room and suddenly started crying!

| 유리한TV/YouTube 

Yuri quickly realized it must have been because of the ballad-version of “Into The New World,” the single that Girls’ Generation debuted with back in 2007.

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Ten explained that the song is originally a bright song, but it changed so much to fit the mood of the concert.

It was a bright song at first, but based on the situation it became a different song. When I heard it the first time you debuted, I thought it was a bright song that marked a new beginning but when I heard it at the last concert, it was a whole different feeling. My tears fell without even [realizing it]…

— Ten

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Yuri smiled at Ten’s story and appeared happy to see that Girls’ Generation were able to move him with their music. It’s truly an emotional experience to listen to “Into The New World,” so who could blame Ten for crying!

“Our Girls’ Generation even moved Ten’s heart. | 유리한TV/YouTube 

Check out the full episode from Yuri’s YouTube channel below!

Source: 유리한TV, Instagram and Twitter