WayV Topped The Most iTunes Charts Around The World Simultaneously For A Chinese Idol Group

WayV keeps making waves worldwide.

With WayV‘s very first comeback they broke a rather impressive record. With “Take Off,” WayV now holds the record for the #1 spot on iTunes in the most countries for a Chinese boy group.

WayV topped the iTunes charts in 30 different countries around the world, which was a first for a Chinese boy group. Chinese television company Pheonix Television reported that with this accomplishment “WayV once again rewrote the history of the Chinese male idol group.”

SM Entertainment also reported that WayV’s “Take Off” topped China’s QQ Music‘s Popular Chart, and the hashtag #WayV_Takeoff trended worldwide on twitter.

WayV is definitely the first of its kind, shattering boundaries and records with every move they make. Watch the music video for “Take Off” below:

Source: SM Entertainment