WayV’s Winwin’s Individual Cover Breaks Magazine’s Ultimate Sales Record

The magazine had to announce the milestone.

WayV‘s Winwin and Kun each had their own individual cover for GINGER‘s e-magazine, including detailed interviews to better understand them as people.

The e-magazine has now shared an update about a goal Winwin’s cover has achieved.

wayv nct winwin ginger

His issue has sold at least 52,000 copies, marking the highest sales ever for any issue of GINGER’s e-magazine.

wayv nct winwin ginger

With Winwin’s issue recently going on sale and being GINGER’s October release, the sales goals it can reach are “Limitless”.

wayv nct winwin ginger

Congratulations to Winwin for reaching such a milestone. Will you be grabbing a copy?

nct wayv winwin

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