WayV’s Winwin Is The Only NCT Member To Win The Same Award Twice

Winwin is truly the good luck charm fans say he is.

WayV attended their first-ever MAMA‘s as a group and took home the award for “Best New Asian Artist.”


Upon seeing Winwin on stage, accepting the award with his members, eagle-eyed fans noticed something incredible about the moment that was a first for any NCT member.

Although Winwin is a part of the new group WayV, it wasn’t the first time he’d won that particular award.

The feeling of Deja Vu was so strong that NCTzens found a moment of him from 2017.

At the MAMA‘s in Hong Kong, the year after NCT 127‘s debut, they took home the award for “New Asian Artist.” Winwin can be seen bowing with a smile, clapping along with Doyoung in celebration of their win.

Out of the twenty-one members of NCT, Winwin is the only one who’s won the same award not only once but twice. As Winwin once said, he’s Wonwon.


See the moment Winwin snatched up the win with NCT 127 two years ago and doing the same with WayV in 2019.