WayV’s WinWin Spotted With Two Alleged Friends For Late Night Dinner

Reporters spotted him outside with two friends.

Chinese media has reported that WayV‘s WinWin was recently spotted on camera after an outing with his female friends. According to some netizens’ comments, the female friends are allegedly his schoolmates and they had gathered for dinner.

| ba哥专用/Weibo
| ba哥专用/Weibo 

After a hearty meal, the trio went to a VR gaming center and played games until wee hours. It was also caught by reporters that he had stopped the car prior to his destination and stopped for a quick smoke break.

| ba哥专用/Weibo

The video can be viewed below.

As WinWin is a legal adult, smoking does not pose any legal issues. On the other hand, Chinese netizens have been rather casual about the matter, with comments such as “To be honest I’m not that bothered. He’s out with girls but all they did was go to a gaming cafe, rather than shady things.

Neither SM Entertainment nor WinWin has spoken on the matter.


Source: Weibo