WayV’s Winwin To Star In Upcoming Drama — Here’s What We Know So Far

Winwin is set to make his acting debut.

WayV‘s Winwin (also known as Dong Sicheng) was recently reported to be one of the main cast members of The Shadow, a drama set during the Republic Era of China. Here’s what we know so far about Winwin’s exciting new role and his acting career!

Winwin from WayV and NCT at the opening ceremony for the drama The Shadow. | 董思成WINWIN工作室/Weibo

Just last month, SM Entertainment confirmed reports that Winwin would open a personal acting studio for his work in China but emphasized he would continue activities as a member of WayV. Other K-Pop artists to open one-person acting studios in China include GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and f(x)‘s Victoria.

WinWin recently established a personal studio for his acting activities in China.

— SM Entertainment

| 董思成WINWIN工作室/Weibo

Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on Winwin’s schedules and it seems the time has finally come! The Shadow (Ru Yue) is a fantasy drama based on Ni Luo‘s novel of the same name. The show follows the character Shen Zhiheng, a centuries-old vampire who’s saved from an assassination attempt by a blind girl, Milan, and her friend, Situ Weilian.

Poster for The Shadow. | 网剧如月/Weibo

Character posters for the show were also shared online introducing each actor and their character. Vengo Gao, also known as Gao Wei Guang, will play the vampire, Shen Zhiheng.

Character poster for Shen Zhiheng (Vengo Gao). | 网剧如月/Weibo

Taiwanese musician and actress Ouyang Nana will play the young girl, Milan.

Character poster for Milan, played by Ouyang Nana. | 网剧如月/Weibo

And Winwin will play her friend, Situ Weilian.

Character poster for Situ Weilian, played by Winwin. | 网剧如月/Weibo

Other cast members include Huang Mengying as Jin Jingxue, Ren Shihao as Li Yingliang, and Tang Jingmei as Mu Lihua.

The show started production on October 25, 2021. Winwin and the other cast members attended a ceremony to mark the beginning of filming.

| 董思成WINWIN工作室/Weibo
| 董思成WINWIN工作室/Weibo

There has been no official statement about when the show is expected to air, but fans are highly anticipating Winwin’s acting debut. We wish him the best of luck during the filming process!

Source: Naver, Weibo, Weibo and MyDramaList