WayV Xiaojun’s Latest Wholesome Instagram Update Has Fans Feeling Some Kind Of Way

Welcome home, Xiaojun!

After a somewhat lengthy quarantine, WayV‘s Xiaojun was finally able to meet his family and start his visit home properly. This was a particularly special moment for him as it’s the first time he’s home in 2 years!

| @djxiao_888/Instagram

Xiaojun left South Korea on February 23, with fans already sending him plenty of well wishes and feeling happy that he’d get to see his family again after so long.

Xiaojun not only missed his family, but he was also eager to meet its newest member, who was only recently born. And after so long away from home Xiaojun felt like the birth of his niece was the right time for him to return! Except, due to COVID-19 precautions, he had to stay in an extended quarantine period—which ended up being so long that YangYang even went to London and came back all while Xiaojun was still quarantined!

Now that he’s ended his quarantine, Xiaojun has finally given fans an update on his reunion with his family…and the long-awaited first meeting with his newborn niece! And it’s safe to say the image he posted has sent fans into meltdown.

| @djxiao_888/Instagram

Not only is everyone happy for him and welcoming him home…

…but they’re having fun with him online too!

And since Xiaojun not only looks adorable holding his baby niece but also can’t stop gushing about her…

…fans can’t help but point out that it seems like he may already have this fatherhood thing down.

In fact, a fan pointed out that Xiaojun’s updates now get a very specific, hilarious reaction from fans!

More than anything though, fans are happy for Xiaojun and that he finally got to see his family. Hopefully he enjoys his visit to the fullest! Meanwhile fans will be waiting for more Uncle Xiaojun content!