WayV’s Yangyang, Hendery, And Ten Reveal What They Treasure The Most And Their Answers Will Melt Your Heart

They’re so sweet!

WayV visited MUPLY to answer some random questions, ranging from games they like to play with each other, to what they think they will look like 20 years from now. Yangyang, Hendery, and Ten answered the question “What is your most precious treasure?” and their answers will melt your heart.

| MUPLY/YouTube

Yangyang replied saying his most treasured item is his teddy bear stuffed animal, in particular his Winnie The Pooh one from his childhood.

Hendery’s response was his family photo, which drew hums of agreement from his fellow members. So touching!

Lastly, Ten said the bracelet that his mom made for him. Yangyang revealed that he also has a bracelet from Ten’s mom as well!

Their responses, while different, were all heartwarming, and Wayzennies can’t help but uwu.