WayV’s Ten Conquers Winwin’s Fear Of Heights With This Effective Yet Easy Method

Life is much better when Ten is around.

Ten is one idol who is known for his savage roasts, at the expense of his fellow members.

On more than one occasion, several members of WayV have been at the mercy of his teasing and sharp wit.

Still, fans know that Ten is like that friend who roasts you to your face but always has your back at the end of the day.

In the most recent episode of Dream Plan, one of WayV’s mission was that each member had to complete ten pushups on one of China’s glass sky bridges.

These glass bridges have gone viral on social media for their fear-inducing views.

The mission was of concern to Winwin, who has previously expressed on NCT LIFE that he has acrophobia.

Walking on these bridges gives off the feeling of walking on air, hundreds of feet above the ground.

Seeing Winwin was unnerved when WayV first arrived at the bridge, Ten immediately rushed over to him, offering his hand.

Steadily he helped Winwin walked across the bridge, trying to calm him and encouraging him not to look down.

Go together with me … Look ahead, look ahead

Once they reached the spot where the members would need to do their push-ups, Ten suddenly came up with an ingenious idea to help Winwin complete the mission.

Taking the flannel shirt wrapped around Winwin’s waist, Ten carefully laid it on the ground.

That meant that when Winwin was doing the pushup, his view would be blocked by his shirt!

Hence, Winwin’s fear of heights would not be as stimulated.

And Ten’s simple plan was a success!

WayV, including Winwin, triumphantly achieved its mission of completing ten push-ups on the bridge.

Although it was certainly not an easy task, this goes to show a team is strongest when its members help and guide each other.

While Ten is never short of any savage remarks, many moments like these show that he is always there to help his team members out when they need it.

And that success is well-deserved.