This Is What You Should Be Wearing If You Want To Impress The BLACKPINK Members

If you ever see BLACKPINK on the streets, you would want to be wearing these items.

Everyone knows that BLACKPINK always has their fashion on-point.

Many fans wish they had BLACKPINK’s wardrobe whenever they see the members.

While BLACKPINK has impressed BLINKs with their fashion, it turns out that you can impress them too!

Recently, BLACKPINK modeled for Jalouse China, where each member was asked about the styles of fashion they preferred.

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全球青少年最喜欢的女子偶像团体之一,有史以来第一个登陆公告牌封面的韩国女团;首位登陆美国最大音乐节Coachella表演的韩国女团,正在改变K-POP流行的新风向的BlackPink。BLACKPINK IN OUR AREA ——《JALOUSE CHINA》创刊号「The Night 今夜」特辑,带你走进她们最 SLAY 的黑色又浪漫的夜晚。 BLACKPINK, a new wave in K-POP. One of the world’s favorite girl group. The first Asian girl group made it on Billboard cover and performed in Coachella music festival. BLACKPINK IN OUR AREA — The first issue “The Night” by JALOUSE CHINA, show you how Blackpink slay in their romantic night. #JALOUSECHINA #JALOUSE极度创刊#BLACKPINK2019中国首封#BLACKPINK2019FirstCoverinChina 出品人Producer : 丁杰DING Jie
客座主编Guest Editor in Chief : 张寒青ZHANG Hanqing
艺术总监Art Director : BOM LEE 摄影Photographer : HEE JUNE KIM @kimheejune
造型Stylist : GEE EUN
妆化Make-up : MYUNG SUN LEE 发型Hair : SEMI PARK
封面设计Cover Designer : Kirean studio

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Lisa stated that she has recently had a preference for loop earrings.

Not only has this influenced her shopping, but she also admires seeing other people wear loop earrings too.

I really dig loop earrings a lot recently, and I only buy ring earrings wherever I go

Meanwhile, Rosé said that she has recently been digging messy hair.

She also expressed interest in smoky make-up, stating that she particularly enjoyed her make-up for the photo shoot.

Jisoo confessed that the most critical thing she notices about someone’s fashion is their accessories.

It is the small details that always complete a look!

In particular, she loves accessories that she can wear with just about anything.

I am very interested in accessories recently, I am looking for the accessories which are with the simplest design but can be worn all the time.

So if you have any special accessories in your wardrobe, be sure to let Jisoo know.

Who knows, you might give her some fashion inspiration!

Finally, Jennie admitted that she currently doesn’t have a favorite style. She stated that this was because she doesn’t usually pay attention to what other people are wearing.

So chances are, you could get a free pass from Jennie for whatever you are wearing!

Still, if you want to impress the BLACKPINK members with your wardrobe, these are the tips you should follow.

You never know when BLACKPINK is lurking on your Instagram.