Webcomic Artist Kim Poong Was In A Car Accident In Italy While On His Honeymoon

It was difficult for him to handle because of the language barrier.

At the ending of October, webcomic artist and talent Kim Poong married a bride nine years his junior in a fun ceremony in which he walked down the aisle as an anime OST played in the background.

On November7, Kim Poong shared that while on his honeymoon in Italy, he was involved in a car accident in the city of Matera. It took two to three hours for him to fill out documents and follow administrative procedures because of the language barrier. Thankfully, hotel staff was able to help him with communication to resolve the situation.

Kim Poong joked that he and his wife were so grateful for Pascal‘s (the staff member) help that they look at him as a god now and would be sure to spread his legend from generation-to-generation.

Thank goodness Kim Poong and his wife are well and are able to joke about the incident now.

Source: kstyle