Weeekly Members Star In Tenstar Photoshoot And Interview

These rookies are the next Apink.

Members of the rookie girl group Weeekly have graced their first magazine cover.

They did a photoshoot and an accompanying interview for Tenstar!

The concept behind the photoshoot is reported to be “Indoor Visual Party.”

We are barely used to photoshoots in general, and to think that we made it onto the cover of a magazine…feels surreal.


Soeun said that “It was so meaningful to get a chance to show off the hidden sides of us.

Five weeks of debut activities feels both long and short, but we definitely grew during this time. More than anything, it was great to share so many memories with my fellow members. I can’t wait to do more in the future.


Weeekly unfortunately debuted in middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so they performed their first stage without an audience. Group leader Soojin said “We’ve always dreamed of performing in front of our fans. We look forward to one day being able to perform our debut song ‘Tag Me (@Me)’ in front of our fans.”

Weeekly members look up to their sunbae Apink, with whom they share the same agency.

Commenting on Apink’s longetivity, the girls said that they respect Apink’s work ethic, teamwork, charisma and energy.

They concluded the interview by commenting “We will strive to be a girl group that delivers positive energy.”

The October 2020 edition of TENSTAR is set to release on October 23. There is also an ongoing event on their Instagram page for a chance to receive signed polaroid photos of Weeekly. Check it out below.

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