“Weekly Idol” cancels recording in light of Jung Hyung Don’s sudden hiatus

This week’s Weekly Idol recording has been canceled following the announcement of Jung Hyung Don‘s hiatus.

Originally, Weekly Idol records every Tuesday but with Jung Hyung Don taking a sudden hiatus in order to recover from his illness, the scheduled recording on November 17th has been cancelled. Recording will continue next week as scheduled.

Weekly Idol is a popular talk show hosted by Defconn and Jung Hyung Don with various guest idols who not only reveal their individual charms but entertain the audience with their antics in the games they partake in.

However, there has been no words yet if the program will replace Jung Hyung Don through his hiatus or if Defconn will go at it solo.

Other programs that Jung Hyung Don had halted his appearances in due to his severe anxiety disorder include Infinite Challenge and Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.

Source: X Sports News

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